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Pellicce Canali
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How to take care of your fur?

Please keep your fur on a rounded edge hanger, in a fresh and cool aired room.
If your fur gets wet, please do not dry it next to heat.
Please unbutton your fur while being seated to avoid pressure on the shoulder areas.
Never put your fur in a plastic slip cover.
Never puncture the fur to put brooches or flowers.
Never spray perfume directly on the fur to avoid discoloration or dryness of the fur skin.

How to choose a fur?

The best way to choose a fur is very personal, it is a question of instinct, taste and tact. It is better to look for well-known brands that have a large choice of furs. Never get tired of trying on as many furs as possible to make the right choice for the right fur. It is also important to verify that, the chosen fur is provided with certificates of quality and origin.
In the Canali Boutique, you have the chance to choose from a large assortment of furs signed with passion, manufactured in an accurate way in all details and corresponding to a high standard of quality. In case of repair or maintenance, the certificate of quality released by Canali will certify the origin and quality of the fur.

What types of the fur are used by Pellicce Canali?


The most valuable and expensive fur in the world. It is synonymous of prosperous and wealthy life. Sable fur is characterized by long, silky hair, always noticeable for its smooth touch and lightness. Sable fur coats are always warm but light, brilliant and rare. The Barguzinsky Sable fur is the most expensive one and remains the king of all furs. Skins of Barguzinsky Sable are mostly bought from Sojuzpushnina , a producer of the best sable skins and the only authorized to auctions of sable furs in Russia. The Barguzinsky Sable lives Northern Ural Mountains up to Sakhalin, which is the region where the most valuable furs come from.

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The most popular and bestselling fur in the world, characterized by short, very thick, brilliant and hard- to- break hair, thus very durable. There are about 100 types of colours of mink, divided by subgroups according to the tone of colour: beige, blue, white, gold etc. The best world-known luxury labels of mink fur are:

Blackglama - North American top luxury brand of fur, produced by American Legend Cooperative. Only 2% of all mink skins in the world deserve by its characteristics the exclusive Blackglama name. Every single model of fur, made of Blackglama mink is certified and has a unique number, which can be checked online by its serial number. The oily black colour is peculiar to this mink; it’s very smooth with long, soft hair.

View all models of mink |Video |Verify Blackglama Label

NAFA and Black NAFA. Canadian luxury brand of fur produced by American Legend Cooperative. NAFA and Black NAFA furs are very similar to Blackglama and are always noticeable for the impeccable glow, which appears thanks to a special process of the mink performed by the Canadian breeders. This type of mink can also be checked online with a serial number. Short, thick fur is the peculiarity of this mink.

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Saga Furs - European label of mink, with headquarters in Finland, is characterized by quality fur, which is less thick than Nafa and Black Nafa but still very soft and warm. The Company is strictly compliant to European regulations and is famous for its design centre, where it “brings up” young designers, teaching them how to be creative with fur. Techniques invented or developed at Saga Furs Design Centre have been inspiring designers and stimulating creativity for more than 20 years.

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Fox furs became popular thanks to Golden century Hollywood stars, who appeared on the red carpet with fox furs, which were the non plus ultra of luxury garment. Fox furs are mostly bought from Saga Furs, which produces skins in more than 20 unique colours. Fox fur is characterized by long, soft, thick and colourful fur.

View all models from fox |Saga Furs Campaigns

Where does the fur come from?

One of the most exciting themes in the world for fur lovers is fur auction. A most exclusive fur is bought only at the auctions that are held by companies-producers of precious furs. We buy fur only from certified producers and that is the guarantee for the quality of a fur. American Legend cooperative, Saga furs, Kopenhagen Furs invite guests from all over the world to take part in the auctions. Usually 4-5 times a year, companies organise this 2-3 day event where all fur factories “fight” for the best skins, which will later become masterpieces for you to wear.

Kopenhagen furs |American Legend Cooperative |Saga Furs |Sojuzpushnina

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Pellicce Canali
Piazza Missori n°1 - 20123 - Milano
P.Iva 09670060962.
Numero verde: 800 60 80 30
Powered by All Rights Reserved.